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Writer’s Group With a BLOG!?!?!?!

A Writer’s Group,
With a blog?
What? Really?  These Things happen???

Yes. The 21st century comes up with some crazy details and ideas.
It’s fun. I like living in this time.
We have information thrown at us from every angle of every day and unless we’re out in a field we’re bombarded by it. So, if we’re bombarded, why not add to the bombardment, and create more of a shell shock for those of us unwise to the glory of ear plugs?

The days here as of late have been beautiful. Sunny, warm, no rain. Light breeze. Perfect for gardening, being outside, going to the ball game, havin a bbq!  The days lengthen, and we enjoy them for the deep of winter is not as fun as it seems.

I learned yesterday that Robins listen to the ground, and hear the worms before they reach and grab it from its dirt abode. How amazing is that?

I’m pretty excited. I think I got the start of the next Great American Novel brewing. And a collection of short stories are sure to be along as well. In the meantime, go find the lilacs and smell them. They’re almost done blooming.