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Fearlessly I walk the precipice between wake and sleep.
It’s a path many cannot walk for long
before tumbling down one side or the other.

One never chooses which side they’ll go, it chooses them.

Night after night I play hard to get,
teasing them both
wondering which one will win –
which side will prove strongest tonight?



I must write this moment under my skin for safe keeping.

Then, when I am alone,
I peel through the days layers
and remember

Like a voyeur, I peep in
so no one else can see
the pleasure this brings to me.

The Essentials

There he goes, singing his song for me
and I respond,
plunging my hand into his heart.

I separate his life blood –
the cool ripples
entangle my fingers
demanding to never be released.

And even as I lift my hand
he clings to me
as to remind me
that he and I will always be,
that his blood flows with mine,
and now when I hear his song, it comes from within.

Carried Away

He beckoned me from my walls
of stiff, stale air
to join him in his lazy run
down a path violently cut with his rippling liquid fingers
a long time ago. 

Those same fingers
     now gently tickle my flesh
          as I carefully dip my foot in his shadows. 

His gentle grasp –
snaking tendrils wrapped around my ankles –
send chills rushing up my leg
to whisper his secrets in my ear.

I inhale deeply and step in further.
He tugs at my waist and begs me to lie with him.  I can’t resist. 

I lie down and his body cradles me
Pulls me into himself…completely surrounds me;
A tender rocking as he carries me. 

Whistles and trills now carry a bass note –
muffled and muted
and finally gone. 

Reluctantly, I arise from his wet embrace
the evidence of his touch still shining on my skin
liquid silver dripping off my fingertips.

A smile on my lips.

The Dark War

Sleep comes hard; it is too much like giving up.  Giving up Today and giving in to Tomorrow. 

Tomorrow taunts me – my Goliath. 
His words bring dread and fear crawling through my body. 
So I fight each night knowing I will lose in the end.

I am weary from this nightly defeat, yet I refuse to give in without a struggle. 

The one thing that keeps me going
    is in knowing
that soon Tomorrow becomes Today.

Today is easy!