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Sometimes a great sibling

My older sister had her twenty-second birthday, and so i called he tonight to chat. I told her about the time period for something I was writing, and she started to list off all these props I could mention. What a great resource: thanks, sis.


The funeral catering struck Duncan as odd: A Tupperware bowl full of saffron rice, topped with a Vesta meal of shrimp that had not had quite enough water added while cooking, and was rather crunchy; slices of malt loaf with butter; three large plates of Mister Kipling’s Iced fancies in the full glory of their artificial colors; a tray of jam tarts that had been cooked at too high a temperature, and now had the consistency of strawberry flavored chewing gum gobbets in paper cups.

~This must be an Asian thing,~ he thought. However, after a moment of considering what his parents might serve at his funeral if he were to die suddenly during the next week, he changed his mind. ~Not a bad spread, for the spur of the moment.~