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Like I’m supposed to write something that is not an excruciatingly long epic poem about the Rukesayer, but should write something more about . . .
like who i am

i am
Manjag 437 ~ Metamystic Metaphysician
Equipoi Zhi ~ Keeper of the Balance
Fusion-Fire Dancer of Starforge
Azeral Aranath ~ Astronavigator of the Seventh Sacred
Cahya ~ Sylchie
Jydur ~ Eleventh Level Servant/Defender of the Lady
Bluzare E’Kylar ~ Artificer and Strange Matter Ferrier
in the service of the Archons of Light and Dark
Xenji ~ Trickster and Fool
Chygon ~ the Dark and Stormy Knight
Chyfrin ~ Keeper of the Secret

pretty much non starters . . .

so what level are you?



Our First Conversation

Let’s have it then!  Our first chat through this blog.  You’ll never know if you’d like me unless we do.  And I’ll never know.  Possibly.  And the best part remains the skipping.  Skipping over the surface straight to the spirit.  Because that’s what I’ll do here.  What writing will do for you.  Skip the pepper in your teeth comments and head straight into the blue highways.  Travel the length, swirl around and then back out when you wish.  You’ll know me better than those who’ve spoken to me face to face- better than the grocery cashier, better than most first dates, better than myself- if I word this just right.

I’ll say you need air.  Give my name and rank when you ask.  I’ll laugh off characters as imaginary.  As accidents.  I’ll twist away from the hives, the clovers of the highways.  Detour.  Closed road.  I’ll draw a page over myself -leave you bobbing on the surface. 

 And if I ever do-

remind me of our first conversation.