Like I’m supposed to write something that is not an excruciatingly long epic poem about the Rukesayer, but should write something more about . . .
like who i am

i am
Manjag 437 ~ Metamystic Metaphysician
Equipoi Zhi ~ Keeper of the Balance
Fusion-Fire Dancer of Starforge
Azeral Aranath ~ Astronavigator of the Seventh Sacred
Cahya ~ Sylchie
Jydur ~ Eleventh Level Servant/Defender of the Lady
Bluzare E’Kylar ~ Artificer and Strange Matter Ferrier
in the service of the Archons of Light and Dark
Xenji ~ Trickster and Fool
Chygon ~ the Dark and Stormy Knight
Chyfrin ~ Keeper of the Secret

pretty much non starters . . .

so what level are you?



About wmburns

wow Always hate these self aggrandizing bio thingys ~ but what the hey . . . I phased into existence in Washington DC circa early 1950's put

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  1. It was a Chygon.
    Wow, you abbreviated one of the most famous opening lines in history!

  2. So what about the teller of stories?

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