Be Brave and Other Things You Tell Yourself

like it’s popular to be tan and you white as death

think how time could earn you a darker shade if spent it out red

and blistered for a slip span

just in time for the popular to shift -and you damaged

pulled out by tide

washed up by tide

bleached of all know how and want –

like so much sand

idling for want of a horizon

best to pulse courage ain’t rely on borders so far

you can pinch its strait

-with one pull unravel

best to pulse courage

a gravity shaping the tide and you and all you stand on


About D Loeven

A lot of pressure on a writer - to be concise about who they are.

Posted on January 19, 2012, in D Loeven, Poem and tagged . Bookmark the permalink. 6 Comments.

  1. Excellent work of poetry
    Worthy of many accolades

  2. Oh ya… she’s back!!! Love it!

  3. Pulses courageously.
    One question on grammar (hypothetical, I suppose):

    “best to pulse courage ain’t rely on borders so far”

    I understand ‘ain’t’ to be a contraction meaning ‘is not.’ However, given the infinitive ‘to pulse’ before courage, wouldn’t ‘dain’t’ be correct? This would be the equivalent contraction of ‘does not.’ For agreement, the line would then read:

    “best to pulse courage dain’t rely on borders so far”

    As I said, it’s hypothetical. I like this poem.

    • Ian, thank you for your comment.  I failed to say so.  I value your input.  Thank you.  Twice for lack of once on time.


  4. Hmm. I’ve done the awkward attach (-kinda like that.) It should be ‘best to pulse courage’ and ‘best to ain’t rely on borders so far’ – but, leaving out the bonus best, or a dash, or “…” or a new line start, in hopes to also attach the meaning that courage shouldn’t come from future hope but current hope – leaving this very poor grammar structure (seen again here.) Mrs. Palmer, bless you, I apologize. (English teacher, best ever. Always taking time to decorate the margins of my papers with happy red birds… Without lilt of sarcasm, I truly adore her. And I do like the dain’t. It sounds properly backwoods. I’m sore tempted to pinch it… Rework in the works. (I’ve sorely lost my hold on grammar.)

  5. Your poem for me was like a food that is good for your health and natural but one that the taste buds are not accustomed to. One must eat it several more times to acquire a taste for it. This was true of your wonderful poem; after reading it several times I began to get the meaning of it. This leads me to believe that a person and their mind will not comprehend what comes from the spirit unless they themselves are in the spirit. Thanks for sharing this spiritual treasure with us.

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