Writer Bios

The Writers of Upstate Fiction Factory are as follows, and in no particular order

Ian Whatley: British born, bred, educated, and then deported. His fiction has been published in The Legendary, Lost and Found Times, The Chronicle, and 6S review. Ian’s arguably factual work has been published in many utility patents, court briefs on the history and function of footwear (no-one could make up such boring stuff), and coaching manuals on the subject of walking faster than other people. Really. No, I mean it. He now lives on a nut farm (tangible, as opposed to figurative) where he explores the remote boundaries of narrative for the sauce of denial.

Susan Heiser: Mom to twins who writes rather un-momish fiction. Susan was born in Florida, grew up in San Jose, graduated from college in San Francisco, and is still on the run today. Although it is more of a walk than a run.

WM Burns: Long time professor and writer of poetry and fiction. Technically retired but still working. Hmmm, that plan didn’t go too well, did it?

Desiree: What would you get if William Faulkner and Virginia Woolf co-authored stories? Desiree may well be the answer.

Rosemary: UFF’s poet laureate.

Mona Lisa: All about the Smile, Mona Lisa was born in Germany, raised in “The South”, studied a lot of things formally and informally, has volumes of Journals, five children, a company, and several red hats. She strongly encourages everyone to keep a journal, and better yet, write in it! “It comes in handy as you age and lose your mind. It’s proof you lived ….and did stupid stuff.” Besides writing non-fiction, she weaves her friends and family members into intricate stories that have trouble finding resolution.