Our First Conversation

Let’s have it then!  Our first chat through this blog.  You’ll never know if you’d like me unless we do.  And I’ll never know.  Possibly.  And the best part remains the skipping.  Skipping over the surface straight to the spirit.  Because that’s what I’ll do here.  What writing will do for you.  Skip the pepper in your teeth comments and head straight into the blue highways.  Travel the length, swirl around and then back out when you wish.  You’ll know me better than those who’ve spoken to me face to face- better than the grocery cashier, better than most first dates, better than myself- if I word this just right.

I’ll say you need air.  Give my name and rank when you ask.  I’ll laugh off characters as imaginary.  As accidents.  I’ll twist away from the hives, the clovers of the highways.  Detour.  Closed road.  I’ll draw a page over myself -leave you bobbing on the surface. 

 And if I ever do-

remind me of our first conversation.


About D Loeven

A lot of pressure on a writer - to be concise about who they are.

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  1. Well Greetings purdy lady!
    Glad that you are able to join us on our merry quest through fields of words!
    We’re off to pick some tasty and edible ones. This basket is all yours.

  2. List of cats – a catalyst, I told me so. Bronze haired miss Loeven tips her hat and dips her pen, hairpin bright and off race racing runs her pen, hairpin bending letters into a conversation. It works. He saw it was good. (Insert inane list of Irish legendary characters here, as if relevant) Did I leave the oven on this morning? No, cats out and I turned one off when I turned the other out. Thin as a read, read, reeding, reads he of the words and works. Badly affected by an over abundance of Jimmy Joyce, he retires to a bun dance, and slips silently, silently slipping from the side door of the unlit room he goes.

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